Meet Sanesh

Her name is Sanesh and she has two children. She has a very small business selling vegetables. She likes to help people. Even just going to their home and helping them with their housework, cleaning and bathing them. It is her passion to help other people. Once Sanesh started going to Tabitha Reach, she learned about love and helping others. She has more of a social life and she has someone to talk to and this has improved the quality of her life. She is happier and more joyful. At this point in her life, she likes to help people. She would like to help orphaned children. Love is the first thing in her life. Sanesh shares that if you don’t give out of love, you don’t get anything in return. She says that she is not patient, and she gets easily angered and sometimes snaps at her kids.

Because of Tabitha Reach, Sanesh has learned about love, patience and self-control. Before joining Tabitha Reach, she was very angry; often being loud and snappy. She shared that it is improving. It hasn’t completely gone away, but she shared that she is coping better with more support from Tabitha Reach. Her mother-in-law used to be the one helping her with the grocery shopping and other chores. Now, she is the one that is doing the grocery shopping and cooking. Tabitha Reach has helped her in a practical day-to-day way. She is now more motivated that she was before to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks for her family.

Meet Martha

Martha has 4 children. Her daughters are 16 and 10. Her boys are 8 and 5. Years ago the family moved to Addis hoping for a better life. But after some years her husband left the family, married another woman and moved to another city. Martha was heartbroken and life has been incredibly difficult since. She is thankful for the prayers she is getting from the church during these difficult times. Martha says coming to the Tabitha Reach training center has been a therapy for her. Her children also come to the house every Saturday for bible study, play time and movie time, which they enjoy most. Martha chose the sewing training and has been regular with so much enthusiasm.

Meet Mulu

Mulu is one of the single moms at the Tabitha house in Ethiopia. She is very creative and a hard worker in order to care for her 4 boys. She has started selling eggs recently and we have become one of her constant customers. The cooking trainers, which Mulu is also a part of, has been making a lot of cuisines and cookies using these yummy eggs.

Meet Kuri

Kuri is a widow with two children.  She lives with her son and daughter in a room that is 6 ½ ft x 6 ½ ft.  Life has given her many setbacks.  At the age of 5, she was taken from her family to work as a nanny. She was not paid for this job and because of this never experienced a childhood.  Despite her many struggles, Kuri persevered.  She has worked as a maid, laundress and recently started her own business selling incense and edible powders.  She was struggling with knowing how to conduct her business and lacked the confidence that she needed to get it off the ground.  With the help of Tabitha Reach she is getting the needed support in learning how to set up her business and strengthen it.  She is learning better ways to communicate with her children and in business.  She has become a faithful and committed participant in the weekly mentoring and group meetings.  Kuri’s goal is to move to a better neighborhood so that she can improve her living arrangement and get her children in a better school.

Meet Tena

Tena lives by the city dump and was blinded by a viral infection from the unsanitary conditions. This forced her 6 year old daughter to drop out of school to guide her. Our coach took her to the doctor and paid for the treatment that restored her sight. Her daughter is now back at school and Tena can continue training.


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